Shared Value

Value to Secondment Partners

Ruper Myer AO talks about the value of Jawun to corporate and government partners. Video by Plump Films.

Value to Indigenous Partners

Jawun is about action not words. The end result of everything we do is to create real change to improve lives in Indigenous communities. We are keen to  promote financial independence, self-determination and self-reliance.

To do this, we support communities to develop and improve initiatives around:

  • Education and training
  • Employment
  • Economic and business development
  • Financial management
  • Accommodation and housing
  • Family income management
  • Building Indigenous organisational capability

Together with the corporate partners, Jawun’s expertise and capacity will help local Aboriginal leaders to build an agenda for real change. We think Jawun will help put the wind in the sails for a much stronger future in the East Kimberley. 

Ian Trust (2010), Executive Chair, Wunan.

The impact of having the best thinkers, some of the best doers in this country, helping tackle some of the biggest social problems and the most complex social problems in this country is starting to work.

Mike Winer (2010), Project Manager for Environment and Natural Resource Management, Cape York Institute.

We saw something really practical, very useful, a tool that we could use, and how that’s helped us establish the first point of moving forward as a business.

Shane Phillips (2010), CEO, Tribal Warrior Association.

The benefit of Jawun lies in its ability to give strategic direction to long-term objectives, and then identify and provide the skills and resources needed to realise those objectives. It is one thing to identify issues; it is another thing altogether to act.

Paul Briggs (2010), Executive Chair, Kaiela Institute