West Kimberley

Local Leadership

Jawun works closely with local Indigenous leaders to prioritise the allocation of secondees into the West Kimberley.

  • Nolan Hunter

    CEO, Kimberley Land Council

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    Nolan Hunter is a strong advocate of land rights and has been heavily involved in the fight for Native Title through his involvement with the Kimberley Land Council.

    Born in Broome, Nolan is a Bardi man, with strong links to his people and culture along the Dampier Peninsula. He has a professional background in strategic operations and staff management, which spans more than 20 years.

    Nolan is Chief Executive Officer of the Kimberley Land Council, Chairman of the National Native Title Council and a member of the Kimberley Regional Planning Committee. He is a staunch supporter of using land rights to achieve positive outcomes and is at the forefront of creating water reform for Kimberley Aboriginal people. He is an active campaigner for Indigenous rights to water and is an advocate of reducing environmental impacts to country caused as a result of climate change. Nolan was a founding member of the First People’s Water Engagement Council and has participated in national and international conferences on water and climate change including the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the Fifth World Water Forum and the International Climate Change Conference.

    Nolan is currently on secondment to the Agribusiness team at The Westpac Group through the Jawun Indigenous Corporate Leadership program.

  • Mary O'Reeri

    Indigenous Engagement Officer, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

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    Mary O’Reeri is a Nyul Nyul woman who fights hard for her community and culture. She is currently working in the Local Operations Centre in Beagle Bay as an Indigenous Engagement Officer. In 2013 Mary participated in Jawun’s Emerging Leaders program. In 2010 Mary was selected as a delegate to represent Australia at the UN Commission on the Status of Women held in New York.

    Mary is a strong advocate for suicide prevention and held the inaugural Blank Page Summit in her remote community at Billard in the North West Kimberley. Her goal was to stop the epidemic of suicide by Indigenous people, through inviting individuals with the will and capacity to effect fundamental and lasting change. As a result of the Summit people are now focusing on creating ‘suicide proof’ communities.

    Mary holds a Social Diploma in Community Teaching and a Bachelor of Education.

  • Wayne Bergmann

    CEO, KRED Enterprises

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    For more than 20 years, Wayne Bergmann has been a leading advocate for Aboriginal rights and self-determination in the Kimberley. At the helm of KRED Enterprises, he is pursuing his passion to drive social change in communities by creating real opportunities for Aboriginal people to engage in the modern Australian economy.

  • Tyronne Garstone

    Deputy CEO, Kimberley Land Council

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    Born in Broome, Tyronne has spent the majority of his working life within the Indigenous sector. Tyronne worked for several years as the Chief Executive Officer for Kullarri Regional Community Development Employment Project before taking up a role as the Community Engagement Officer for Pluton Resources. He is now settling into his current role as the Deputy CEO of the Kimberley Land Council (KLC). He has acquired strong local relationships throughout the Kimberley during his years residing and working in the region and has sat on numerous committees at all tiers of government. With a background in Indigenous training, employment solutions, social and economic development, Tyronne is keen on brokering opportunities that will deliver sustainable outcomes for the next generation.

  • Marty Sibosado

    Indigenous Entrepreneur and Advocate

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    Marty Sibosado is an Indigenous man and registered Native Title holder who practices social enterprise and community development.

    Marty’s experience and operations are all based in the West Kimberley and Pilbara of Western Australia, predominantly with not-for-profit corporations, where he has operated for over 30 years.

    Marty specialises in advocacy, entrepreneurship, business development, governance and Indigenous affairs.





  • Peter Yu

    Chief Executive, Yawuru Corporate Group

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    Peter Yu is a Yawuru man from Broome in the Kimberley region in North Western Australia. He has  over 35 years’ experience in Indigenous development and advocacy in the Kimberley and at the state, national and international levels.

    He has been an advocate for the social, cultural, economic and well-being of Kimberley and other Aboriginal communities for his entire career. Over this period he has been instrumental in the development of many community-based regional organisations.

    Peter was Executive Director of the Kimberley Land Council during the 1990s and had a national leadership role negotiating the Australian nations’ response to the High Court’s 1992 Mabo decision.

    He was a key negotiator on behalf of the Yawuru Native Title Holders with the Australian State Government and Shire of Broome over the landmark 2010 Yawuru Native Title Agreement.

    Peter is now the current CEO of the Yawuru Corporate Group.  He is also  a board member of the North Australian Indigenous land and Sea  Managers Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA), Deputy Chair of the AFL Aboriginal Advise Committee, Deputy Chair of Broome Future Limited and a Trustee of the Princes Charities Australia (PCA).