Central Australia

Working with the Community

Key partner organisations in Central Australia include the following:   

  • NPY Women’s Council  
  • Nganampa Health Council 
  • Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation 
  • Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation 
  • First Nations Media
  • Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA)
  • Central Land Council
  • Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

Through these partnerships in the region, Jawun support reaches over 25 communities across the tri-state area of Northern Territory, South Australia, and Western Australia. 

Regional Contacts

  • Catherine Aldworth

    Jawun Regional Director, Central Australia

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    Catherine joined Jawun as Regional Director for Central Australia in November 2019.

    Prior to joining Jawun, Catherine spent a decade working in various roles with the Australian Public Service.  During this time, Catherine facilitated community liaison, developed Australian public policy, managed programs, and delivered services. Whilst working with the Australian Public Service, Catherine has lived and worked in regional Western Australia, Canberra, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.  Catherine has recently relocated to Central Australia, although was born and raised in Far North Queensland.

    Catherine has a keen interest in youth development, stemming from a former volunteer role as a foster carer.  In that role, Catherine mentored teenage foster children to live independently by role modelling and teaching life skills including, cooking, cleaning, and budgeting. Understanding trauma was critical to helping children make positive life choices and transition to adulthood.

    To contact Catherine, please email: caldworth@jawun.org.au

  • Glenn Weston

    Jawun General Manager, Regions

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    Prior to joining Jawun, Glenn had a distinguished career working with some of Australia’s largest corporates. He has vast experience in management, including running his own businesses for five years, in excess of 11 years banking with Westpac and NAB and running Telstra store teams across 3 states. Glenn joined Jawun 6 years after having completed a secondment in 2009 working alongside the Archer Point Trust in Cooktown.

    In 2015, Glenn was appointed as the Regional Director for Jawun’s Cape York operations supporting the Indigenous communities of Cape York. In June 2017 he was appointed to the role of Jawun’s General Manager, Regions, supporting the local leadership in East and West Kimberley, North East Arnhem Land, Cape York and more recently Goulburn Murray, Central Coast NSW and Central Australia.

    Glenn is an avid learner holding a number of qualifications including a Bachelor of Accounting and an Executive MBA, which provided him the opportunity to study overseas in four countries.

    To contact Glenn, please email: gweston@jawun.org.au

Case Studies

Case studies show how Jawun secondees have achieved real results. If you are interested to learn more about Jawun's work in this region, click on the case studies below.