Inner Sydney


Jawun began working with the Indigenous community in Redfern in 2010, and in 2012 broadened its boundaries to include La Perouse. 

One of the most well-known Aboriginal meeting places in Australia, Redfern is a hub for many strong Indigenous organisations, businesses and institutions, all with a common goal to support the local community and drive social reform through provision of essential services, family support and mentoring, and generating employment and economic development opportunities. Located in urban Sydney, Redfern is ideally situated to receive support from corporate Australia and bring about positive change for the community. 

La Perouse (known as ‘La Pa’ to locals) is located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs 14 kilometres from Redfern. La Perouse, was the first point of contact for European settlers at Botany Bay. The main challenges for La Perouse are location, with limited public transport to the area, and a lack of key community services. The community refers to it as ‘urban remoteness’. La Perouse is also a place of potential tourism and business opportunities for the local community to tap into.  

According to the 2016 ABS Census:

  • 15,504 people live in the Inner Sydney regions (La Perouse and Redfern), of which 694 (4%) identified as Indigenous
  • 58% of Indigenous 20–24 year olds completed Year 12 or equivalent compared to 94% for the non-Indigenous population
  • 59% of the Indigenous workforce-age population are employed full time compared to 65% for the non-Indigenous population