Goulburn Murray


The Goulburn Murray region includes Shepparton, Echuca, and Cummeragunja. Goulburn Murray was the second Jawun region after Cape York. The region was chosen because of the size of its Indigenous population and the magnitude of the issues they face, including unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and poor school retention rates. 

According to the ABS Census: 

  • 63,649 people live in the Greater Shepparton region, of which 3,559 (3.4%) identified as Indigenous (2016)
  • The median age of Indigenous people is 22 years compared to 43 years for the non-Indigenous population (2016)
  • 24% of Indigenous people aged over 15 years have completed Year 12 schooling (or equivalent) compared to 36% for the non-Indigenous population (2016)
  • 41% of Indigenous workforce-age population are employed compared to 70% for the non-Indigenous population (2011 – 2016 disaggregated data not yet available)

Goulburn Murray is also home to a wide range of migrant and refugee communities. It is a conservative community and has not yet fully embraced the diversity of its changing population. The vision of the local Indigenous leaders is to create a more socially inclusive community in the region and to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.