East Kimberley

Local Leadership

Jawun works with a number of Indigenous leaders in the East Kimberley who are pursuing their vision for a stronger future for their people.

  • Ian Trust

    Chairman and Executive Director, Wunan Foundation

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    Ian Trust was born on Moola Bulla Station, 20 kilometres west of Halls Creek, to parents who are members of the Stolen Generation. He has a strong and coherent vision of a better future for Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley – a future beyond welfare and government dependency.

    In 1993 Ian was elected as Chair of the ATSIC Wunan Regional Council, covering the East Kimberley region of WA. He was elected as ATSIC Zone Commissioner for the Kimberley in 2002 until 2004. It was during this period that Ian became deeply involved in the economic and social development of Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley, which saw him as the driving force behind the development of two key regional organisations, Wunan Foundation and Kimberley Group Training.

    Ian was appointed Executive Director of Wunan Foundation in 2004, and has been Chairman since 2008. He has worked tirelessly to progress his vision of a stronger social and economic future for Indigenous people through initiatives such as the ATSIC Regional Council’s ‘Future Building’ Strategy (1996) and the East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards, through reforms in the Aboriginal Housing and Infrastructure sector, and as Executive Director of Wunan Foundation.

  • Desmond Hill

    CEO, Kununurra Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation

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    Desmond ‘Des’ Hill was born in Broome and has lived and worked in Kununurra in the East Kimberley since 1978. He is currently Chairman of MG Corporation, a leading Indigenous organisation that receives and manages the entitlements transferred to the Miriuwung and Gajerrong peoples, native title holders over their country in the East Kimberley. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation. Des worked for the Kimberley Land Council in the early years of Mabo and has previously worked as a teacher.

  • Ted Hall

    Chairperson, Gelganyem Trust

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    As owner/operator of Luridgii Eco-Cultural Tours since 2007, Ted is an experienced Cross Cultural Facilitator/Trainer who has delivered his programs to thousands of people with clients including Rio Tinto, Slingair, WA State Government and Federal Government. Ted is the Chairperson of Gelganyem Trust in Kununurra, an organisation that manages the funds and assets under the Argyle Participation Agreement on behalf of the Traditional Owners. Ted has spent time travelling around Australia working in various roles with pastoral, tourism and community based organisations but currently calls Kununurra home. Ted is passionate about developing sustainable businesses that deliver economic independence, and guiding young Traditional Owners to participate in business and employment.

  • Lawford Benning

    CEO, Gelganyem Trust

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    In January 2015, Lawford was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Gelganyem Limited in Kununurra, a company that manages the funds and assets under the Argyle Participation Agreement on behalf of the Traditional Owners. He has worked at Gelganyem Limited since June 2013, as the Executive Officer/Trainee CEO.