Secondment Partners draft

Rupert Myer talks about the benefits of Jawun for secondment partners.

Since 2001, Jawun has worked towards building the capacity of Indigenous people so they can choose a life they have reason to value. This year Jawun will send close to 400 corporate and government secondees to Indigenous organisations in twelve regions across Australia.

Our secondment partners are essential to the work of Jawun. They offer their most valued resource – their people – to help Indigenous leaders, organisations and communities achieve their own development goals. This in turn leads to lasting, material and measurable improvements in the lives of the Indigenous people in those communities.

Together we work in place, meaning with the community in different regions across the country, to build local capacity by offering skilled people and resources to empower Indigenous led, sustainable change. Supported by Jawun Regional Directors on the ground, these skilled people – fondly known as secondees – transfer skills and support Indigenous leaders to achieve their goals, while building their own cultural awareness and enhanced leadership capabilities to take back into their workplace.

Our Partnership Model

At the heart of our partnership model is developing lasting, meaningful relationships. We invest in exchange of skills and knowledge to support reciprocal benefits that build and deepen, over time.

Our partnership tiers reflect the level of value and benefit available, scalable from small organisations to larger corporate or government partners. This recognises creating impact comes in many shapes and sizes, often growing overtime.

Our model provides opportunities for deeper engagement and value creation, scalable to our partners contributions.

Our Partners

Our Catalyse partners are catalysts for change. By maximising connections with the Jawun network they are leaders in Indigenous led change, providing the greatest level of impact to enable community aspirations. These Organisations have high participation rates of Executives and their staff in Jawun programs enabling community led change. They invest in the relationships and opportunities for connection, provide access to large numbers of skilled people, and are actively influencing narratives across their networks. They willingly bring people and programs together catalysing change at the top tier of support, and are headline partners across our networks.
A founding partner of Jawun, The Westpac Group has supported hundreds of its employees to share their expertise with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Cape York, Inner Sydney and several other Jawun-supported regions
BCG is one of Jawun's founding partners. It helped Noel Pearson set up the Cape York Institute which it continues to support, as well as other local Indigenous organisations. In 2010, BCG expanded its commitment into the East Kimberley.
In 2007, KPMG partnered with Jawun and started sending secondees to Cape York.
In 2010, nab partnered with Jawun in the East Kimberley in a two-way learning process as part of its Reconciliation Action Plan. It now supports the West Kimberley and other Jawun-supported regions.
Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto became a partner in 2021 as a Founding Partner in the Pilbara region and supports Indigenous communities in the North East Arnhem Land, South West Australia & Central Coast regions
: Woodside began their partnership with Jawun in 2011 and now share their expertise with Indigenous organisations in the Kimberley, Lower River Murray and North East Arnhem Land
PepsiCo became a partner in 2021 and supports Indigenous communities in North East Arnhem Land
Commonwealth Bank commenced its partnership with Jawun in 2012. It is a founding partner for North East Arnhem Land and the NSW Central Coast region and also supports Inner Sydney and Central Australia.
Our Transform partners are transformative change makers. They are deepening connections with the Jawun network by working deeply with communities to enable enduring change. These Organisations participate with large numbers of people from executives to secondees as transformative change agents. They invest in their people and in transformative change in communities through upper tier support of Jawun programs. They are active participants in national dialogues and have access to leaders in the regions they support.
: Endeavour Drinks Group became a Jawun partner in 2013, and supports Indigenous organisations in Inner Sydney, Goulburn Murray, the NSW Central Coast and North East Arnhem Land.
Perpetual became a Jawun partner in 2013 and assists Indigenous organisations in Cape York and Inner Sydney.
Our Collaborate partners are collaborators in change. They are building connections with the Jawun network by partnering with community led organisations, bringing skills and expertise to drive change. These Organisations collaborate with Jawun regions through mid tier support of secondments and executive visits and participate in leadership initiatives.
Allens became a partner in 2011 and supports Indigenous communities in Inner Sydney, Goulburn Murray and North East Arnhem Land.
BlueScope became a partner in 2017 and supports Indigenous communities in the Lower River Murray, Lakes and Coorong and Central Australia.
IAG became a partner in 2014 and supports Indigenous organisations by sending secondees to Central Australia, Goulburn Murray and the NSW Central Coast.
Macquarie became a partner in 2014 and has assisted Indigenous organisations by providing longer-term secondees to Cape York. It now provides secondees to the Kimberley.
NBNco became a partner mid 2021 and supports Indigenous communities in East Kimberley, North East Arnhem Land & Central Australia.
ABC became a partner in 2018 and supports Indigenous communities in West Kimberley, Far West Coast & Lower River Murray.
NSW Government
The NSW Government became a partner in 2015 and supports Indigenous communities in Inner Sydney, the NSW Central Coast and Central Australia.
University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne became a partner in 2017 and will support Indigenous communities in Goulburn Murray, Lower River Murray and Central Australia.
Curtin University
: Curtin University became a partner in 2018 and supports Indigenous communities in the regions of both East and West Kimberley.
Our Emergent partners are emerging change makers. They are at the start of their journey and establishing connections with the Jawun network through partnership with a community in Indigenous-led change. Emergent partners are at the start of the Jawun journey and partnership, learning through secondment and executive visits as active listeners.
Herbert Smith Freehills
Herbert Smith Freehills has provided pro-bono legal services to Jawun and its Indigenous partners such as Balkanu, the Cape York Institute and Djarragun College for many years, as well as secondees to the East Kimberley from 2010
Roche became a partner in 2020 and supports Indigenous communities in Inner Sydney & Central Australia.
RAC became a Jawun partner in 2014 with a focus on the Kimberley.
Norton Rose Fulbright
Norton Rose Fulbright commenced their partnership with Jawun in 2014, providing secondee support to the Inner Sydney region.