Make a Donation

If you share Jawun’s vision to support Indigenous-led organisations with their programs of reform, you can assist by making a donation. Whether you have experienced the work of Jawun through a secondment, or heard about the organisation via family and friends, your donation is greatly appreciated.

Donated funds will support a range of activities, including:

  • Funding a Jawun Regional Director to live and work in community
  • Helping to develop the next generation of Indigenous leaders
  • Supporting Indigenous leaders to connect and effect change by sharing best practice

How Jawun manages your donations

Jawun is a Registered Gift Recipient with the Australian Tax Office. We comply with the guidelines of the Register of Harm Prevention Charities and have a Public Fund which enables our organisation to accept tax deductible donations.

What this means for you

Any donation over $2.00 made to the Jawun Public Fund can be used as a tax deduction. This means you can list your donation on your tax return for the year that the donation was made and may receive a reduction in the amount of tax to be paid in that year.

 One-off donation:

 Monthly donation: