KPMG Impact Evaluation of Jawun

This 2022 impact evaluation by KPMG demonstrates the effectiveness of Jawun’s model in strengthening the capacity of Indigenous leaders, organisations, and communities to progress locally owned priorities, and in positively influencing the way government and corporate partners engage with Indigenous Australia. > View report

Jawun and Cape York: A 20 year retrospective

This 2021 report explores the history and impact of a 20-year partnership between Jawun and the Indigenous leaders and organisations of Cape York. It looks at how a breakthrough approach to Indigenous-led empowerment began, what it has achieved, and how it has spread across the nation.  > View report

KPMG Impact Evaluation of Jawun

This 2015 independent evaluation demonstrates Jawun’s success in strengthening the capacity of Indigenous organisations and leaders, and in leveraging the expertise of its secondment partners to advance Indigenous-led projects and reform. > View report

Empowered Communities: Empowered Peoples

This 2015 report is the culmination of 18 months of work by Indigenous leaders, communities and organisations from eight different regions across Australia. It proposes a range of national Indigenous policy reforms based on the principle of Indigenous empowerment. > View report

Learnings & Insights: Indigenous-led Innovation & Empowerment

This 2014 booklet reflects on the power of collaboration in bringing the Jawun regions together, collectively focusing on Indigenous-led reform on a national platform. It also examines the many dimensions to the collaboration occurring, both within the regions and across sectors. > View report

Learnings & Insights: Catalyst for Change

This 2012 booklet focuses on the ways in which Jawun seeks to facilitate and accelerate positive change for Indigenous people, communities and organisations. In addition to outlining Jawun’s innovative approach to advancing Indigenous employment outcomes via the ‘National Navigator’ tool. > View report