Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate how our corporate and government secondees have achieved real results and earned the respect and trust of local Indigenous people.

j.HUB Study Tour: Collaborating to support the families and children of Ceduna

Background The community of Ceduna on the Far West Coast of South Australia have set their sights on a new challenge, creating a clear pathway to achieve employment parity. Led by the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation (CAC), the community is working together with the support of the Australian Government to deliver a key community project titled […] > Read case study

In pursuit of the possible – how Yerin is backing community health with enterprise

Background Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre (Yerin) has been providing health care services to Aboriginal people living on Darkinjung land since 1993. In 2015, new CEO and former Jawun Emerging Leader Belinda Field came on board, and a period of significant growth began. Between 2015 and end 2019, Yerin grew from 20 full time […] > Read case study

BBY – Driving Empowerment through Joint Decision-Making in the East Kimberley

Background In the East Kimberley, Binarri-binyja yarrawoo (BBY) is the ‘backbone’ organisation supporting the implementation of Empowered Communities (EC), a nationwide Indigenous-led reform agenda that was initiated in 2015 to drive Indigenous-led decision making and change. As a neutral convenor, BBY supports the EC leadership and convenes community and government inputs. There are over 20 opt-in […] > Read case study

KAPCO – Kimberley pastoral enterprise putting Aboriginal people ‘in the driver’s seat’

Background KRED Enterprises initiated the Kimberley Agriculture and Pastoral Company (KAPCO) project in 2012 to create a year-round supply chain and meaningful employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal people in remote West Kimberley communities. KAPCO was KRED CEO Wayne Bergmann’ vision to revitalise the long history of Indigenous involvement in the Kimberley’s pastoral industry. “Our […] > Read case study

Road to success – Downer and Bama Services join forces in Cape York

Background The growth of Indigenous businesses, which are up to 100 times more likely to employ Indigenous people[1], is a bright spot among ‘Closing the Gap’ results. Supporting opportunities for Indigenous businesses is a priority for Jawun and its partners, and one which has gained traction due to the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP). The IPP […] > Read case study

SoFL – A network of women connected in two-way learning for leadership

Over three days at a Jawun Stories of Female Leadership convention in the East Kimberley, Fiona found a natural connection with fellow SoFL member Suzi Hullick, who works for Westpac in Darwin. They agreed that Fiona would visit Suzi in Darwin, shadowing her in her role as National Manager of Indigenous Business. There was substantial two-way learning and Suzi now plans to visit Fiona in her working environment at Miwatj Health in Arnhem Land. Their experience shows the power of two-way connections facilitated by Jawun, in particular those between influential women made possible through Jawun's unique Stories of Female Leadership network. > Read case study

South Australia – sharing digital tools for transformation across health organisations

Background For the Ngarrindjeri people in the Lower River Murray region, moorundi means river – where life begins and connects health, water and culture[1]. Moorundi Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (Moorundi) delivers holistic health care and wellbeing programs and has been a partner of Jawun since 2016. The organisation provides a range of community health […] > Read case study

Supporting a Kimberley language organisation to tell a precious story

According to Dr Knut J. Olawsky, MDWg Manager and Senior Linguist, Miriwoong is classified as a critically endangered language. There are only a limited number of elders fluent in Miriwoong language and in a position to share their vast and precious knowledge on traditional ways of life including language, dance, traditional skills and ancient stories. MDWg is recording, documenting and sharing traditional language . > Read case study

Building a future of strong spirit, Mabu Liyan

The Yawuru people are the native title holders of the land in and around Broome in the West Kimberley. Mabu liyan is a Yawuru concept that means ‘strong spirit’, ‘good feeling’ and ‘positive wellbeing’. Personal to an individual and also connected to the wider community and country, mabu liyan is the heart of the Yawuru social development agenda. > Read case study