Learnings & Insights: Catalyst for Change

This 2012 booklet focuses on the ways in which Jawun seeks to facilitate and accelerate positive change for Indigenous people, communities and organisations. In addition to outlining Jawun’s innovative approach to advancing Indigenous employment outcomes via the ‘National Navigator’ tool. > View report

Learnings & Insights: New Partnerships

This 2011 booklet focuses on Jawun’s relatively new partnerships in Redfern and East Kimberley. It also provides an update on Jawun’s placed-based approach to Indigenous employment in Cairns and Shepparton. > View report

Learnings & Insights: 10 Years On

This 2010 booklet is primarily based on Jawun’s experience to date in Cape York. It looks at the key drivers of our unique model and introduces Jawun’s place-based approach to Indigenous employment. > View report

Empowered Communities

This video explains the philosophy behind Empowered Communities, a group of Indigenous leaders from eight regions around Australia who are committed to a series of joint principles for Indigenous policy reform. > Read more