Jawun Meaning

Mr Harrigan (2010), Elder and Keeper of the Kuku Yalanji language. Video by SOTA Creative. 

Jawun acknowledges Mr Harrigan who passed away in 2016 and thank his family for allowing us to share his beautiful stories. 

Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships (IEP) was renamed ‘Jawun’ on its 10th anniversary in August 2010. Jawun means ‘friend’ or ‘family’, an honour given to us by the Kuku Yalanji in Cape York.

In 2010, Jawun approached Ivy Minniecon and Cassandra Cairns, Indigenous artists from Mossman Gorge, to design our logo and create a painting for the homepage of this website. Our logo represents Indigenous markings for a meeting place or camp fire. Together, our name and logo reflect our aim to bring corporate, government, philanthropic and Indigenous organisations together to build the capability of Indigenous people and organisations across Australia.

When (the older people) say, ‘Who is this waybela (European) coming here?’ I say, ‘This is Jawun – friend and family. I talk to them, they come here and we all work together as a partner.’

Mr Harrigan (2010), Elder and Keeper of the Kuku Yalanji language.