Adapt and innovate

Dear Jawun family,

Perhaps like many of us you have a Burnie Bean somewhere close? A recent My Jawun Facebook post showed what a part of our lives these tokens have become, keeping us company on desks, tables, TV counters and other places. They remind us of our connection to an experience, a place, the Jawun family, and Indigenous Australia. 

This is our first Burnie Bean newsletter, in a series we’re excited to share with you over the coming months as a way of keeping the connection and bringing you some amazing stories. 

Today is about innovation.

Jawun was born of innovation, an untested idea for a new form of support that became reality only through the vision and resolve of our earliest Indigenous, corporate and philanthropic partners. 

Today we are innovating again. Jawun has developed a virtual version of its in-place model, to be able to continue supporting Indigenous partners in these new and challenging times. In the first phase we are facilitating ‘virtual secondments’ of 100 hours or more, a flexible form of support to the nation’s leading Indigenous organisations as they support their communities. In addition we have extended this opportunity to our alumni base. Click here or below for more on this exciting development which we hope you will support. 

Our partners are innovating too, showing incredible resilience and adaptation. Mayi Markets for example, an initiative of one of our longest running partners, Cape York Partnership, is tackling food insecurity and chronic disease through weekly food boxes. These are healthy, fresh, affordable and already hugely popular. Click here or below to learn more about how CYP is doing this and how it plans to grow the offering. 

E-commerce is one of the biggest shifts we’ve seen, and Jawun’s Indigenous partners are busy promoting existing platforms and establishing new ones. Which gives us a fabulous opportunity to support them! Click here or below for tips on purchases that are not only beautiful but also directly benefit communities (in other words, guilt free shopping – enjoy).

Finally, we’ve all had more time to reflect lately. If you have a few minutes, check out some treasures from the Jawun archive at the end of this email. It’s incredible how far we’ve come together.

Kind regards and stay safe,

Karyn and the Jawun Team 

Jawun alumni can now do a virtual secondment of 100 hours or more, supporting one of the nation’s leading Indigenous organisations as they progress initiatives to support their communities and stay strong in these turbulent times. It involves working flexibly in a virtual team, and being part of a national cohort of secondees connected across the country to achieve maximum impact for Indigenous-led empowerment.

Enquire now about virtual secondments

Prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayi Market is a locally driven, fair solution to food security for Indigenous communities in the Cape. It’s been a huge success in its first month and is expanding its community reach.
 Learn more about how Mayi Market works here.

Masters of the Harbour
Talk about innovation! This case study describes how our remarkable partner Tribal Warrior began, and how it adapted to change and opportunity (including that of the Jawun partnership). The organisation has done even more since. Check them out today, sign up for their news, and be amazed at what they offer. 

The fantastic Deborah Mailman provides the voiceover for this short animation explaining the Jawun Story. We share that story, which is ever evolving to support Indigenous-led empowerment. Let’s keep making an impact – it matters now more than ever. Join us for virtual secondments until we can connect in-place again.