Far West Coast

Working with the Community

Key partner organisations in the region include the following:  

  • Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation 
  • Ceduna Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service  
  • Koonibba Aboriginal Corporation
  • Scotdesco Aboriginal Corporation 
  • Yalata Aboriginal Corporation
  • Oak Valley (Maralinga) Aboriginal Corporation

Communities supported include Ceduna, Koonibba, Oak Valley (Maralinga),  Scotdesco, and Yalata. 

Regional Contacts

  • Shane Webster

    Jawun Regional Director, South Australia

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    In 2015 Shane was appointed Regional Director for Jawun’s new operation supporting the Ngarrindjeri Nation in South Australia. Prior to this, Shane spent six years as a senior adviser to the South Australian Government and played a key role in driving initiatives designed to empower Aboriginal people to shape their future by choice, not chance.

    Shane has contributed to significant legislative reform which includes guiding the passage of the Bill which amended the South Australian Constitution to recognise Aboriginal custodianship of the land and waters of South Australia. He also supported the modernisation of the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 2013 to give greater control and autonomy to Aboriginal peoples.

    Shane was fundamental to the South Australian Government’s commitment to create legislation to recognise Aboriginal Nations. In addition to recognising their unique cultural identity, the legislation will set out guiding principles for engagement and provide for agreements that give Aboriginal Nations the parliamentary recognition they deserve.

    In recent times, Shane championed an Aboriginal owned transport solution which resulted in the cost of fresh food on the APY Lands reducing by up to 25% and he also supported the introduction of the Aboriginal Business Procurement Policy for South Australia.

    Shane has Torres Strait Islander, Singaporean and Kiwi ancestry and has resided in Adelaide for more than 20 years.

    To contact Shane, please email: swebster@jawun.org.au

  • Nick Eakin

    Jawun General Manager, Regions

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    In July 2015, Nick was appointed General Manager, Regions, overseeing Jawun’s operations in Inner Sydney, the NSW Central Coast, Goulburn Murray, NPY Lands and the Lower River Murray, Lakes & Coorong in South Australia.

    Prior to this, Nick was Regional Director for the NSW Central Coast. He has also worked as Regional Director for Goulburn Murray.

    Before he joined Jawun, Nick spent six years living and working in remote Indigenous communities in both Australia and Canada. He worked as the sports and recreation officer with the Alpurrurulam Community Government Council in the Northern Territory, and later moved to Canada, where he held senior management positions with Indigenous healthcare organisations, designing innovative programs focused on building the self-esteem of Indigenous people.

    Nick holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne, a Diploma of Landscape Design, and an MBA from the University of South Australia.

    To contact Nick, please email: neakin@jawun.org.au