Empowered Communities

Established in 2013, the Empowered Communities group represents Indigenous leaders from eight regions around Australia who are committed to a series of joint principles for Indigenous reform. In March 2015 their first report, ‘Empowered Communities: Empowered Peoples’, was submitted to the Australian Government. The report proposes a range of national policy reforms aimed at achieving the same level of wellbeing, life opportunities and choices for Indigenous people as for non-Indigenous Australians. You can find a copy of the report here.

Jawun’s role

Empowered Communities emerged from an Indigenous leaders’ conference on the Central Coast in 2013. At the conference, Jawun Patron Noel Pearson invited leaders from the regions in the Jawun network to discuss their shared priorities and ideas. As the result, the leaders cemented their resolve to work together on two levels: as an interface with government and sharing best practice examples from their regions. Since the 2013 conference, Jawun corporate and government secondees, as well as senior business leaders from Jawun’s corporate partners, have provided strategic business advice and expertise to support Empowered Communities.


The strength of Empowered Communities is the collaboration; it has its own legacy of empowerment that will live on way beyond any formal process.

Fiona Jose, CEO, Cape York Institute.


To find out more about Empowered Communities, visit: empoweredcommunities.org.au