East Kimberley

Working with the Community

The main focus of Jawun’s work to date in the East Kimberley has been Wunan Foundation, a not-for-profit Aboriginal development organisation. However, Jawun also partners with a number of other Indigenous organisations in the region, including:

  • Yawoorroong Miriuwung Gajerrong Incorporated
  • Gelganyem Trust
  • Kimberley Group Training
  • Warmun Council
  • Kununurra Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation
  • Jungarni Jutiya

Regional Contacts

  • Michele Pucci

    Jawun Regional Director, East Kimberley

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    Michele has extensive experience in program development, management, strategy planning as well as a real commitment to creating positive change within communities. She has worked with two of the lead organisations in the East Kimberley, Wunan and Gelganyem, and now proudly takes on the role as Regional Director with Jawun to continue her focus on creating positive social and economic change in the region through partnerships and collaboration.

    Michele has held a range of strategic positions in the Kimberley such as Chair of Regional Development Australia – Kimberley, 7 years as a Shire Councillor including 3 years as Shire President for the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, Board member for the Kimberley Development Commission, Kimberley Training Institute and is currently the vice chair of the East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce.

    To contact Michele, please email: mpucci@jawun.org.au

  • Glenn Weston

    Jawun General Manager, Remote Regions

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    Glenn Weston joined Jawun in 2015 following a well-regarded career working with Westpac.

    Glenn is an avid learner, having studied in four countries. He has extensive experience in management, including over 11 years with Westpac and NAB. He has also managed Telstra stores across three states and ran his own business for five years.

    Glenn is passionate about wildlife and enjoys exploring new landscapes, something which he is looking forward to doing more of in Far North Queensland. Glenn and his wife Angela have relocated from Melbourne to Cairns, which they will call home for the coming years.

    To contact Glenn, please email: gweston@jawun.org.au

Case Studies

Case studies show how Jawun secondees have achieved real results. If you are interested to learn more about Jawun's work in this region, click on the case studies below.