News & Reports

A Strong Partnership

A strong and continued relationship between QBE and Tribal Warrior in Inner Sydney, with long-term impact for both and for the wider community. > Read case study

Changing the Rules of Engagement

After routinely being overlooked in key SA Government procurement decisions, Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Contracting (NRC) formulated a brief for Jawun secondees to help resolve this. Now, for the first time in SA, tenderers are engaging directly with NRC and Ngarrindjeri businesses. > Read case study

Engagement Rather Than Enforcement

With community safety a priority in the remote communities of the APY Lands, a number of Jawun secondees were deployed to the Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation (RASAC), to establish Community Patrols with local Anangu workers.   > Read case study

Improving Safety and Skills

Jawun secondments provide technical skills to Kimberley Ranger Network employees, as well as contributing to their professional development – resulting in rangers establishing strong career pathways, increasing their self-esteem and becoming role models of cultural pride and work ethic to young people. > Read case study

Mentoring and Friendship

One-to-one mentoring and guidance from a Telstra secondee not only developed a new Darkinjung employee’s technical and soft skills, but also built a strong and ongoing friendship.   > Read case study

Recovery to Resilience

Jawun secondees from Macquarie Capital and KPMG planned the recovery of the Hope Vale Banana Farm, which lost 90% of its crop to Cyclone Ita in 2014 and lost a major investor, and helped it prepare for future success. > Read case study

Strengthening ASHE-Fest, Strengthening Culture

With the growing success of ASHE-Fest, a festival to celebrate Indigenous culture, three Jawun secondees were deployed to strengthen its management, marketing, and long-term commercial viability – essential for it to continue as a vehicle for increased cultural awareness and reconciliation. > Read case study