Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate how our corporate and government secondees have achieved real results and earned the respect and trust of local Indigenous people.

Improving Safety and Skills

Jawun secondments provide technical skills to Kimberley Ranger Network employees, as well as contributing to their professional development – resulting in rangers establishing strong career pathways, increasing their self-esteem and becoming role models of cultural pride and work ethic to young people. > Read case study

A Strong Partnership

A strong and continued relationship between QBE and Tribal Warrior in Inner Sydney, with long-term impact for both and for the wider community. > Read case study

Mentoring and Friendship

One-to-one mentoring and guidance from a Telstra secondee not only developed a new Darkinjung employee’s technical and soft skills, but also built a strong and ongoing friendship.   > Read case study

Recovery to Resilience

Jawun secondees from Macquarie Capital and KPMG planned the recovery of the Hope Vale Banana Farm, which lost 90% of its crop to Cyclone Ita in 2014 and lost a major investor, and helped it prepare for future success. > Read case study

Wunan Transitional Housing

With 55 transitional houses tenanted and a long wait list for more, a second stage of the East Kimberley Development Package Transitional Housing Program is being developed with the help of a Jawun secondee from the WA Government, to assist Indigenous people and their families into their own homes. > Read case study

Strengthening ASHE-Fest, Strengthening Culture

With the growing success of ASHE-Fest, a festival to celebrate Indigenous culture, three Jawun secondees were deployed to strengthen its management, marketing, and long-term commercial viability – essential for it to continue as a vehicle for increased cultural awareness and reconciliation. > Read case study

Changing the Rules of Engagement

After routinely being overlooked in key SA Government procurement decisions, Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Contracting (NRC) formulated a brief for Jawun secondees to help resolve this. Now, for the first time in SA, tenderers are engaging directly with NRC and Ngarrindjeri businesses. > Read case study

Yolngu and Ngapaki Come Together

Just as Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation integrates elements of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures to achieve the best possible outcomes, a Jawun secondee and Yolngu rangers showed true collaboration in developing a comprehensive WHS system to ensure the safest possible work environment for the rangers.   > Read case study

Engagement Rather Than Enforcement

With community safety a priority in the remote communities of the APY Lands, a number of Jawun secondees were deployed to the Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation (RASAC), to establish Community Patrols with local Anangu workers.   > Read case study